It is with great pride that we announce the formalization of our partnership with the FFT – French Tennis Federation as an official supplier for the advertising and promotional management activity.

Our job is to connect companies LOCALLY with the 5,000,000 practitioners grouped together in the 8,300 clubs in France.

The mission in 5 years is to embellish the clubs that trust us and bring them additional income, but also to connect advertisers with tennis players.

Make your company take advantage of all the opportunities in terms of strategic and targeted communication with this type of clientele with high purchasing power also affecting all age groups from 4 years old and without limit.

Thank you to the federal pole and to the partnerships department of the French Tennis Federation.

An agreement that means a lot to the President of Mobisport Concept, Laurent Mazmanian:  “I am very happy to have been able to enter into this partnership. This necessarily gives a real guarantee. The French Tennis Federation and in particular the federal pole and the partnership understood that the thermobanc was a great asset for the clubs. This agreement has allowed us to get in touch more easily with major brands. »

Would you like to know more about our Thermobancs and our innovative communication concept?

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